Loftus Adds Additional Patent to MISS Contributions

Dr. Loftus is happy to announce he has been granted a second patent related to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS). This is another innovative contribution to the field of minimally-invasive spine surgery by Dr. Loftus.

The claim, titled “Retractor Component System and Method Comprising Same” is a blade assembly.

A blade assembly has a blade body and a blade body surround. A retractor attachment structure is attached to the blade body at the first end portion thereof extending from an exterior surface thereof. The retractor attachment structure is configured for having one of the blade body mounting structures of the retractor engaged therewith in a manner whereby the blade body is independently pivotable about and translatable along the blade body mounting structure. An alignment member protrudes from an interior surface of the blade body adjacent its first end portion. A slot extends through the blade body at its first end portion. The blade body surround and the blade body jointly form a generally cylindrical-shaped structure when the blade body is in a seated position within the slot. The cylindrical structure defines a central passage extending between the first and second end portions of blade body surround.

The U.S. Patent Office approved additional independent claims for serial no. 13/416,931 relating to the overall retractor system.



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