ANI Provides Expert Surgical Care

Using the latest in medical and technological advances. We strive to provide professional, compassionate care for our patients throughout their treatment. ANI offers the full range of surgical treatments for disorders of the spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. We are committed to using the latest advancements in the field of neurosurgery to achieve the best possible long-term outcome for our patients.
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We specialize in new, less-invasive techniques.

Dr. Loftus has been granted a new patent related to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.
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  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Cervical Disectomy
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Cervical Fusion
  • Anterior/Posterior Spine Surgery
  • Spinal Cord Stimulator Placement
  • Lumbar Disectomy
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Syringomyelia Treatment
  • Lumbar Fusion
  • Spinal Intrathecal Pump Placement
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Nerve Biopsy
  • Vagal Nerve Stimulator
  • Ulnar Nerve Decompression
  • Muscle Biopsy
  • Microsurgery



“Dr. Loftus…YOU ROCK!!!!!!”
Janie M.
“He cares and he won’t lie to you – he’s very straight-forward with answering questions, even if it’s not exactly what you want to hear. Highly recommended.”
Candace B.
“Dr. Loftus implanted a spinal cord stimulator in my back last July [2010] and I have been essentially pain-free ever since. If — God forbid — I ever have to have neurosurgery again, Thomas Loftus will be my first — my ONLY — choice.”
Anna M.
“Dr. Loftus, his PA Sara and Dr. James Parks in his office were spectacular. I highly recommend Dr. Loftus and his staff to treat your neurological conditions!”
Niki A.
“Dr. Loftus is kind, up on the most recent procedures, and is knowledgeable of the spinal conditions and long term complications and the techniques to deal with them”
“You have all [office staff] been amazing these last couple of years. Thank you again for everything, especially your patience with me!”
Catherine K.
“Dr. Loftus, you have changed my life! Words will never express how much you have done for me and my son!”
Catherine K.
“Thank you for everything, Doc! For the treatment, the caring staff members, and the relief I’m experiencing from the surgery..”
Estella J.